Performance Opportunities

5 Recitals!

2 Full Band Shows!

Recording Opportunities!

Community Outreach!

Here at Caldwell Kids, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for our students to perform on stage and in a variety of settings.

Caldwell Kids Entertainment holds five recitals annually with our Spring Recital at the historic Cactus Theater, the 4th of July recital in Mackenzie Park, our popular Parent Recital (optional, of course!) and our Fall Recital both at the Cactus Theater and our Christmas Recital at Santa Land in Mackenzie Park.

Twice yearly, at the Cactus Theater, Caldwell Entertainment and Caldwell Kids Entertainment produce concerts with the renowned live band – “Caldwell Collective”. Auditions are held within our program and 40 students are selected to perform at these concerts.

Celebrity guests join the Caldwell Kids as hosts and perform with the kids. The celebrity also hosts a 2 hour mentor session for the kids where they share their experiences in the music industry. Our Celebrity Concert in March, 2019 was the amazing Richie McDonald from the award winning country band “Lonestar”.

The second concert is a breathtaking Christmas show, also hosted by a celebrity guest! This annual event has become a “must do” Christmas event in Lubbock, Texas.

Very often our kids are asked to participate in professional recording sessions at Caldwell Studios which is an invaluable learning experience. They learn proper studio etiquette, how to work with a studio engineer and producer. Many of our students go in the studio yearly to have a permanent high quality recording to track their progress through their years at Caldwell Kids.

As the Caldwell Kids name has become synonymous with quality, our kids are often invited to sing for community events such as The Lions Club Pancake Festival, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce events, Lubbock County High Noon Concerts, National Anthem performances for Texas Tech sporting events, conventions, private parties, fundraisers and a host of other city-wide events. Wherever you find Caldwell Kids, you will find the best young talent in Texas!